A Gala Art Event
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Invited to a Gala Art Event
I didn't want to go to
set up as The Featured Artist
I didn't know what to do
the event was up in New York
I live down in Philly
every one at the show's serious
but I am very silly

My Art was wrapped in bubble wrap
shipped up to the show in advance
gallery owners and art dealers would be there
I knew this was my big chance
to sell my work and possibly
get a few commissions too
but I really didn't want to go
don't ask me to explain it to you

What with traffic like it is up there
it was suggest that I take a train
we agreed it was best not to drive
I may be silly but I'm not insane
the best time of day to go to New York
in my mind was late at night
the train seemed like a good idea
but I decided to take a flight

A slow taxi ride to the airport
a traffic jam put me in a rather foul mood
I gave the driver a nice tip
didn't want to be rude
made my way to the counter
checked in like you're supposed to do
discovered my plane was going to be late
roughly about an hour or two

Sitting on a hard wood bench
waiting for my plane to get there
I guess I must have nodded off
since no one wanted to talk or share
it seems I must have laid down
at some point during my nap
I had my bag under my head
my hands were folded on my lap

A security guard woke me up
said your plane is finally here
I had no idea what time it was
my head wasn't very clear
I got in line then realized
the sun was high in the sly
some how I slept all night long
I have no idea why

The flight was uneventful
I had a few drinks on the plane
when no one was looking at me
I did a few big lines of cocaine
all fired up and ready to go
made my way to baggage claim
some guy was standing with a sign
on it was my name

I got in the private car
that had been sent for me
I was looking pretty rough
a real sight to see
sleeping on a wood bench
did nothing for my look
not to mention all the drinks
and the drugs I took

About an half hour later
we pulled up to the Gallery
there was a small group of folks
waiting there for me
I saw no one I recognized
didn't want to get out of the car
was sorry that I came at all
but I had come so far

I got out of the private car
there were many people there
I straighten up my tie
ran my fingers through my hair
took a deep breath and made my way
through the doors to the show
here I was finally
but I really didn't want to go

My suit was very wrinkled
I slept in it over night
my hair was a mess I will confess
I was quite the sight
really didn't want to do this
but never the less I was there
I don't do well at parties
people tend to stare

Invited to a Gala Art Event
that I didn't want to go to
I was The Featured Artist
didn't know what to do
the event was up in New York
I live down here in Philly
every one at the show's too serious
or maybe I'm too silly...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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