My Experiences With Nurses...
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Some of them look so good
dressed up all in white
I'd like to do them all
and hope that I might
and some of them don't turn me on
they're old, fat and mean
some have been doing this for years
others are new and somewhat green

Standing out in the hallway
talking about last night
while I'm laying in my bed
ringing the bell hoping I might
get a nurse to help me
to get out of this bed
they way they treat me anymore
you'd think I was already dead

My Nurse is sitting at the Nurse Station
talking on the telephone
I'm ringing my nurses bell
she just leaves me alone
I really need some water
but no one answers my call
I'm ready to get dressed and leave here
and just say "fuck it all"

Giving me a sponge bath
they like to wash my balls
they think it's very funny
to see my manhood standing tall
and leave me frustrated
never finishing the job
my nurse isn't very neat
she dresses like a slob

Bringing me my dinner
it's cold again
I pick up my telephone
call my special friend
"can you get me a pizza
I need something to eat
stop buy at the bakery
pick me up a treat"

Giving me medication
taking blood for some test
waking me up all the time
when I'm trying to get some rest
telling me I'll be ok
when I know I will not
my experience with Nurses
is best if it's forgot....

©2005 Jim Nasium

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