M. Jackson's On Trial Again
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Michael Jackson's on trial again
because he likes little boys
he shows them pornographic pictures
tells them about sex toys
showed up at court in pajamas
his lawyers played along with the act
after all he was there to tell the truth
and nothing more but the facts

The TV News Stations were all there
each station had to get a story
they all wanted the breaking news
for awards that'd bring them glory
the Newspapers were there as well
as folks from the radio
I snuck in the back carrying a sack
just so no one would know

The witnesses came marching in
they all had a story to tell
Michael sat there playing with his nose
his manhood started to swell
when they showed pictures of little boys
found up in Jackson's bedroom
Jackson didn't seem to care at all
his erection had sealed his doom

What an affair it turned out to be
all the celebrities were there
Queen Lateffa and her entourage
all had gold lace in their hair
Peter Falk was there to testify
on Michael Jackson's behalf
Bill Cosby stop by to say a good word
it was hard for me not to laugh

OJ was there all dressed up
he had gloves in his pocket
a picture of Lizzy Borden
was set in a golden locket
the list goes on and on my friends
it was like a circus show
the whole things been fixed anyway
that's a given as you know

I waited for just the right minute
then I put down the sack
I slowly got out of my seat
and politely walked towards the back
opened the doors and walked down the hall
heard some one scream "stop that man"
it was only garbage left from my lunch
why they thought it a bomb, I don't understand..

©2005 Jim Nasium

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