I Draw Sara Sue
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I draw her in red
some times I use blue
there's no better subject
for me than Sara Sue
I often use green
other times brown
she's the most lovely lady
I have ever found

I draw her in black
when I'm feeling low
she'll come visit me
find places to go
I draw her in yellow
purple and blue too
one thing I know
I like drawing Sara Sue

I draw her in the morning
inside'a my head
as I lay alone
warm in my bed
I draw her at night
what else can I do
when she's not with me
I draw Sara Sue

I draw her with colors
brilliant and bright
I draw her most
on sleepless nights
when I lay thinking
alone in the dark
I recall when we met
that day in the park

I draw her with yellow
red and some blue
she look best in color
my sweet Sara Sue
she likes when I draw her
let's me have my way
I wnt to see her again
perhaps I will today...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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