A Woman, Her Cello, And The Lake
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Sunset out by the lake
one of my favorite things
the air is fresh the colors bright
a gift from the King Of Kings
while watching geese in the water
I heard a very different sound
walking towards the music
I was pleased with what I found

The bow slipped across the strings
as her cello created a haunting sound
in her mind she was floating through the sky
but both her feet were on the ground
the music she played called to me
much like a siren song
I sat and listened to her play
all night until the dawn

Come sun up she put down her bow
lay her cello on the ground
asked if I was hungry
did I want to go into town
we took the ride through country side
over River Bridge to a small cafe
she asked me what my plans were
if I'd like to stay the rest of the day

Under the afternoon shade of a tree
she sat down with her cello
she took the bow in her hand
began playing very slow
I loved the un-lady like position
she was forced to assume
I found myself falling in love with her
another affair in full bloom

She picked up speed and intensity
played very passionately
her music screamed raw emotion
it called out to me
I felt my heart beating fast
her strings started to burn
she threw aside her cello
said now its your turn

We made love all evening
on the shore of the lake
tangled in a lovers knot
meeting her was not a mistake
the sky was dark and full of stars
she was hungry again
time went by so quickly
for me and my new friend...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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