Feeling Bad
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I had a pain the other night
wasn't sure what to do
wanted to go to a Doctor but
he'd only send me to some body who
would recommend me to another doctor
that couldn't see me any time soon
so I went outside to say a pray
under the light of the moon

I had an ache the other day
it hurt me really bad
all my pills and stuff was gone
that me made me very sad
I wanted to call my doctor
but knew what he would do
he'd recommend me to a specialist
who couldn't see me for a week or two

I wonder who do you turn to
when you're not feeling well
don't try to get in touch with your doctor
doctors don't care if you're in a living hell
they tell you make an appointment
but you need to see them right away
the doctor say's he'll call you back
but he won't call you back today

I had a pain the other day
it felt like I was on fire
I went to the emergency room
they looked at me like I was a liar
put me in a tiny room
made me wait for hours
there were no windows only a bed
and a table with plastic flowers

The Doctor finally came in my room
he asked me what's the matter
then asked if I wanted something to eat
said they're having a tuna platter
started talking about yesterdays news
football scores and even the nurse
the whole time he was going on and on
I sat there feeling worse...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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