A Poem by Jim Nasium

People tell me not to wallow
"take it all in stride
just forget about it
swallow your foolish pride"
but if they had to be in my shoes
I wonder how they would feel
it's easy to say "don't wallow"
until you actually learn the real deal

I some times find myself wallowing
about all in my life that's bad
I think about not being able to work
having no money makes me sad
I try so hard to sell my art
just to make a few bucks now and then
I pour out my heart and my soul
just to find a true friend

I find myself getting tired
I'm weak and thin as can be
it's very easy to feel this bad
some one has to feel sorry for me
I find myself wanting to go back
to my same old use to be
want to go out one night for three days
just to set my troubled soul free

Deep in pit of self pity
alone in an empty dark room
a big bag of Peruvian Flake
some Smack, a needle and a spoon
a candle and a silent prayer
to make this felling pass
but every day there's something new
life can be a real pain in the ass

No matter how hard I try
nothing I do seems to work
stuck between a rock and a hard place
in a corner and I feel like a jerk
there's nothing I can do about it
but accept my fate and go on my way
I too find myself wallowing now and then
like I was earlier today...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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