Playing Twister Naked With Wesson Oil
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Warning: lite adult content

she invited me to her house
it was a sunny after noon
we had a little coffee and talked
then she said she waned to play a game soon

I thought maybe she meant checkers
or maybe a game of chess
when she told me what she had in mind
I was shocked I will confess

twister with wesson oil
out in her back yard
she's so full'a surprises
you could say she's a card

when she asked me I couldn't refuse her
I really did want to play
we got so twisted up together
I had no choice and had to stay

covered in wesson oil
our body parts rubbed together
her hair tickled my balls
it kind'a felt like a feather

I could see what I was smelling
so I took a good long taste
we got tangled in a lovers knot
the way we acted was a disgrace

twister and wesson oil
on plastic out in her back yard
it didn't take me too long
I found myself very hard

I could see how wet she was
when we forgot about the game
we made love all night long
and since we haven't been the same

we do it with wesson oil
it makes our bodies feel great
she likes it when I get rough with her
it helps her to ejaculate

it works wonders for me
I'm excited and slippery
so from now on
twister with wesson oil's the only game for me...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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