She Is Always So Nice To Me
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I decided to go see an old friend
when I heard she was back in town
I used to go there all the time
when she was around
I parked my car and made my way
to her door and knocked loud
stood there with my chest puffed out
I was horney, and standing proud

"Hell-o how are you what a surprise"
she said in her siren voice
when she looked at me with her bed room eyes
I wanted her and had no choice
she asked me to come in and stay awhile
I told her that I would
she said she'd do anything at all
just like a working girl should

She took my coat and hung it up
in the corner on a coat tree
asked if I wanted something to drink
maybe tea of some fresh coffee
told me to sit down on the sofa
then went into the kitchen alone
she had a T-Shirt and high heels on
looked so good I tured off my cell phone

I sat there in the front room
looked at my paintings on her wall
she asked if I wanted cream or sugar
then I told her about what I saw
when I was on my way to her house
then she screamed I can't hear you
so I sat there on here sofa
not knowing what to do

She had Vaseline on the coffee table
in the biggest size I've ever seen
all kinds of scented hand lotion
that made her skin feel like a dream
a bag of weed and some papers
pills, a rubber band and condom
one thing you could say about her
she was always ready to have some fun

She served me a cup of fresh coffee
we sat and talked for awhile
she could see I was glad to be there
and that made her smile
she invited me into her bedroom
told me the first hour and a half was free
I'm happy I went to see her today
she is always so nice to me...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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