The Road Side Rest Stop
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Part One: Rosa

On a narrow dirt road to no where
in a small bus that was half truck
I decided to get off at a road side rest
thought maybe I'd push my luck
got my bag from the driver
asked him inside for a cold beer
the place looked nice and friendly
there wasn't a thing to fear

The woman who ran the road side rest
asked if I wanted a room for the night
she said her daughter Rosa was a working girl
so I said Ok then, I think I just might
the bus driver smiled at me
tipped his hat and said his goodbyes
before I knew it I had company
a very pleasant sight for my tired eyes

My name is Rosa she said to me
won't you please buy me a drink
I said ok right away
didn't even have to think
I asked Rosa if she was hungry
maybe we could have some dinner together
then go to the room and take a shower
that way our sex would be that much better

The hours passed by in the road side cafe
it was time for us to go bed
Rosa asked me to forget about my shower
and started giving me head
we went around the world that night
right there in that tiny bedroom
little did I know that what I did
was about to seal my doom

Part Two: That First Night

When I woke up early the next morning
Rosa had all ready been gone
I wondered how long she stayed with me
as I went outside to look at dawn
I walked over to the shower stall
took off my pants and took a shower
there wasn't any hot water at all
but stayed under the water almost an hour

I went back to my small room
my pants were in my hand
I was completely naked and wet
when I saw what Rosa had planned
she was in my bed with a tray of food
even had wine and cheese
one thing was perfectly clear to me
this Rosa sure aims to please

I dried myself off with a towel
got back in bed for awhile
Rosa kept telling me stories
they all made me smile
she said she was in love with me
and wanted to have sex again
I told her that I liked her a lot
but that she was only a friend

After the best sex I had had in awhile
Rosa quietly left the room
suddenly it dawn on her
there was no love affair in bloom
she knew I would be going soon
after all I was a traveling man
Rosa's mother seemed ok with it
but her daddy didn't understand

Part 3: The Morning After

After a short nap I decided
it was time to walk around
maybe climb one of the mountains
where it's still and there's no sound
but as I was putting my boots on
Rosa's daddy came to see me
he asked me where was I going
and what made me think I could stay here for free

I offered to pay him some money
in fact I paid for another night
gave him extra for food I wanted
yet something didn't feel right
I was worried about sweet Rosa
her heart had been broken in two
she was head over heels in love with me
but there was nothing I could do

I took my walk in the country side
climb a mountain all the way to the top
got back right after sunset
Rosa's flirting just wouldn't stop
she got in the shower with me
she washed my hair and my back
so I did her real good and hard
pulled the shower curtain off of the track

She told me not to worry about it
to hurry up and get dressed right away
then told he father went for the law
he's going to see to it that I stay
at first I didn't understand
why would he want me here
then suddenly it hit me
and everythign came clear

Part 4: The Escape

I grabbed my things together
threw everything into my bag
got dressed just as quick as I could
there was no time at all to lag
I ran out of the back door
or the road side rest and then
I remembered I was in the middle of nowhere
all alone with out a friend

I begged Rosa to help me
asked if there was a car around
she said she had a horse
and then with out a sound
she grabbed me by my free arm
and pulled along as she ran
we got to barn just in time
but then the fun began

Rosa wanted to come with me
then she begged me to take her there
she pulled off her summer dress
and let down her long red hair
nature just took over
we made love on the straw
little did we know at first
what all her daddy saw

The police man screamed at me
stop what you're doing and look at me
her daddy asked if she was ok
but that much was plain to see
Rosa had a smile on her face
she thought I was stuck there
but I jumped on that horse and rode out of the barn
and kept going until I disappeared...

this is the half bus half truck I was in:
the half bus half truck I was in

This is the Road Side Rest I stayed in one night for three days...
this IS the road side rest

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