The Flesh Eating Fairies
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Flesh eating fairies
nymphs of the forest
singing siren songs
a wonderful chorus
hiding out of sight
behind a flower
I watched them there
for about an hour

The flesh eating fairies
invited me in
they demanded surrender
there was no way I could win
they got my attention
tickling me with a wing
I fell victim to them all
when they started to sing

The flesh eating fairies
were gentle at first
but things got rough
and even worse
they started to bite me
deep bites and it hurt
one of these days
I'll learn not to flirt

Flesh eating fairies
were eating my skin
there was so many of them
I just couldn't win
tried to get loose
but there was no way
I was totally helpless
so I had to stay

The flesh eating fairies
all ate their full
then covered me in blankets
made of llama wool
they told me to rest
to take a short nap
I felt so used
then I heard some thing tap

The flesh eating fairies
were asleep in a pile
the tapping got louder
then after awhile
my Muse came and got me
she set me free
if not for my Muse
where would I be?...

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©2004 Jim Nasium

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