So I Just Went To Bed...
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Another long empty day
not much at all to do
so I decided to medicate myself
take a hit or two

The time went by so quickly
I got dizzy as the room spun
what the hell did I do that for
what made me thing this would be fun

My ears were ringing loudly
all I saw was white light
it was hard to catch my breath
I knew I was in for the night

I wanted to get out of my chair
but couldn't feel my legs or arms
I heard a siren song of death
almost fell victim to it's charms

I made my way across the room
all I wanted was some fresh air
I didn't recognize what I saw
nothing looked familiar to me out there

Looking outside my window
I didn't know where I was
the stuff I had been using
really gave me a buzz

Lost in never ever land
just me myself and I
today I feel like shit
any wonder why?

Last night it smelled like fish in here
I heard the ocean roar
and I just keeping on doing it
till I couldn't do any more

I found my self lost in the past
it was kind'a like a dream
then suddenly out'a the corner of my eye
I saw a blue light beam

I heard someone call out my name
"were coming to get you" they said
I wasn't sure what to do next
so I just went to bed...

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