Just Me
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I was sitting in a small cafe
I wanted something to eat
a lady walked in and sat down
in the far corner seat
I tried to get her attention
since I was in the place alone
the cook was taking the trash out
the waitress on the phone

I was excited that I saw her
in this empty back street cafe
our eyes met for a moment
then she smiled and turned away
I felt my heart skip a beat
just had to know her name
I walked over to her and then she said
"I've not time for this game"

I introduced myself to her
told her I paint and write
that's interesting she said to me
I'd liked to see your work some night
as she turned and smiled at me
with big green bedroom eyes
I told her I'm not playing a game
because I'm not like other guys

All you men are the same
you only want one thing
the way she spoke with conviction
made my sad broken heart sing
I asked her to give me a chance
that's the only way she'd see
that I'm not like the other guys
she asked why do you want to date me

Tell me why would any man
walk up to me and say
I'm so glad that I saw you
this must be my lucky day
what makes you so different
she asked me matter of factly
I told her the answer is simple
it's because I'm just me...

I handed her my business card
she saw I do concrete work
took a look at my body
then she started to smirk
tell me a little about you, she said
as she looked at me with bed room eyes
I said ok but right away
let me say I'm not like other guys

I don't do the normal things
that most guys like to do
I don't go out drinking in bars
watching sports till after two
don't care about fortune or fame
all I need is inner joy
even though I look like an old man
inside I'm still a boy

It warmed my heart to see her smile
when she asked me for a pen
wrote her phone number on a napkin
said I'd like to see you again
I asked her to come see my work
she said we'll have to see
then told me to never be
anything but what I am; just me...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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