The Earth Quake Of '73
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Late one night during an indoor snow storm
alone inside my bamboo hut
I decided to call it a day
knowing I was stuck in a rut
I put my toys away for the night
took off my shoes and lay on my bed
I closed my eyes and said a prayer
then drifted off as dreams filled my head

All of a sudden out of no where
it felt like some one was shaking me
I opened up my eyes
it was dark and hard to see
yet somehow in the dim light
I saw my fruit falling to the ground
the thatched roof was falling in on me
it was really an awful sound

I fought to put my shoes on
I grabbed my shirt and stood up straight
I knew what was going on
wondered why it had to happen this late
just then my door opened slowly
I walked over to look outside
what I saw across the street from me
was so sad it made me cry

All of the houses across the street from me
were now rubble on the ground
there was smoke and babies crying
there were people running around
I guess I was the lucky one
the damage stopped just a few feet from me
but I never will forget that night
way back in the Andes in '73

Late one night during an indoor snow storm
alone in my small bamboo home
I had no use for a computer
a TV or telephone
I was happy to just be there
one with everything around
then suddenly out of nowhere
I head an awful sound

The building started shaking
my fruit fell to the floor
I couldn't stand up straight
something opened up my door
I couldn't believe what I saw
house were rubble on the ground
everyone was crying and screaming
running wildly all around

The earth quake of '73
was something I will never forget
and of all the earthquakes I've been in
that one was the worst of them yet
I'll never forget how quickly it happened
here one moment and then it was gone
I'll never forget what I saw across the street
when I went outside that dawn...

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