Karen Bob: 1955 to 2003
Two Poems by Jim Nasium

I Saw Karen Bob In A Dream

Karen Bob came to me last night
spoke to me in a dream
she told me to be careful out there
things are not always as they seem
went on to say she was sorry
but she couldn't see me again
she was only allowed this one visit
because I was her friend

She told me how much she missed me
and reminded me of all the fun we had
she said she will always love me
which made me feel sad
she said the main reason
she never kept the plans we made
was because she knew for the last year or so
that she was dying of aids

I asked her if she remembers
bumping into me downtown
in the little corner cafe
she liked to hang around
I told her she didn't look that sick
just six or seven months ago
she said she's good with make up
I smiled and said I guess so

We talked for about an hour
then she kiss me on my forehead
she pulled the blankets up
and tucked me into bed
she said she'd always love me
that she missed me a whole lot too
seeing Karen Bob in my dream
made me feel sad and blue

She died just about a week ago
they said she went pretty fast
I was lucky to see her in my dream
she was very special in my past
she said good bye and smiled
then she slowly floated away
I love you Karen Bob
was all I could think of to say

and then here is this one:

Karen Bob Is Gone

No one called me to tell me about her
you'd think they would after all the years
she and I and her girl friend lived together
the joy we shared and all the tears
I had to find out for my self
I'll admit it took me by surprise
when I read that Karen Bob passed away
tears filled up my eyes

She would spend hours playing the piano
as her girl friend danced around the room
I'd sit listening and watching them
fate had sealed our doom
we were in love with each other
and the three of us had so much fun
but tonight I read that Karen Bob died
her time her on earth is done

She'd like to make clay cow heads
glazed and fire them just right
she loved to drink and do her drug of choice
could stay up and party all night
I'm not sure what really killed her
all I know is that she passed away
it's the perfect ending
for my other wise terrible day

Her car was painted like a cow
a black and white Holstein.
she also did jelly bean art
it was the strangest thing I've ever seen
she could skat sing with the best of them
and she danced with PhillyDanceCo
I'm sad that Karen Bob's passed away
and upset that no one let me know

She lived with me for 5 years
her girl friend lived with us too
we always had fun together
there was nothing that we didn't do
she looked good dress up like a lady
but some times she thought she was a man
I'll miss Karen Bob forever
I think you can understand

No one called me to tell me about her
you'd think they would after all the years
that she and I lived together
I'm over here fighting back tears
I can close my eyes and see her face
and I can even hear her voice
her time was up she had to go
when it's our time we have no choice...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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