A Few Blow Up Doll Poems
by Jim Nasium

Warning: Lite Adult Content

4 Sale: one used blow up doll
by Jim Nasium

I got a deal you can't refuse
if you're looking for a blow up toy
I got one over here that once
brought me a lot of joy

She slept with me in my bed
many a long cold winter night
she got three holes I can use
and every one's them is tight

She got long red hair and a string
that you pull out of her back
it makes her say 12 different things
that women say when in the sack

She's tall and slim with great big eyes
she's good most of the time you'll find
you can do her anywhere at all
in her mouth, her twat or behind

I really want to sell her
she's too good to throw away
so if you're looking for a blow up doll
to stay the night and play

Consider buying this one
she's packed up and ready to go
she's been cleaned and disinfected
I thought you'd like to know

I can not speak for anyone else
who claims to own a blow up doll too
but mines out'a air and folded away
I'm looking for something new

I want a virtual reality lover
I can go to any time at all
she can be laying there on my bed
or she can lean against the wall

She'll be real because I can see her
exactly as I want her to be
she'll do anything I tell her to
do anything at all for me

There's one big disadvantage
I have to wear a head set
and gloves with little wires
that plug me into the best sex yet

Lost alone searching
in the real world for too long
I hear my new love singing to me
a powerful siren song

No time to spend blowing up
a plastic lover for me
I've found the perfect woman
in Virtual Reality

Here's another one: My New Friend
by Jim Nasium

she lives in a box under my bed
I can blow her up with air
and when I do she smiles
it's easy to see she cares

not too tall, nice and slim
she'll do what I want her to do
only cost me a hundred bucks
and I got a patch kit too

she's a very quiet lady
she never talks or sings
that is unless of course
I pull her pull string

her skin is soft like vinyl
her hair curly and long
she'll do what ever I want
I can't do anything wrong

she wears what ever I want her to
looks good in any thing at all
she'll take it laying on the bed
or leaning up against the wall

she's got three holes that I can use
she likes it when I'm rough
even though she's made of vinyl
her skin is smooth and tuff

it's nice to know she waits for me
to blow her up with air
then deflate her when I'm done
in love all is fair

she lives in a box under my bed
I can blow her up with air
any old time that I want to
it's good to know she will be there...

Here's another one: A New Friend
by Jim Nasium

I bought myself a new friend
she's as pretty as can be
she's all that a man could want
she's always there waiting for me
I can dress her up any way at all
she looks good no matter what
she has three holes I can use
she can take all that I got

She don't care if I bend her in half
she'll take it up the ass
my new blow up girl friend
sure has a lot of class
she always keeps her mouth shut
she'll do what ever I want her to
I think that I'm in love
with my blow up doll it's true

She's may be made of vinyl
her hair might come from a horse
but she's always waiting for me
and that's important of course
I don't miss having a conversation
cause my doll even has a pull string
she can say ten different things
that make me feel like a king

She floats out in my new pool
she sits straight up in the dinning room chair
she'll go with me any place at all
she never seems to care
if I deflate and fold her up
then tuck her neatly away
she knows that I'll blow her up again
come the end of the day

next blow up doll poem

The Blow Up Doll
by Jim Nasium

Pulling the box out from under the bed
my stomach starts to get tight
all I got to do is blow her up
and she'll be mine for the night
she's willing to do anything at all
she never gives me a hard time
so if you got a moment
I'd like to tell you about her in rhyme

She always sits just like a lady
she dresses up real nice
only has a few words to say
she's pure sugar with a pinch of spice
she looks as good as a girl can look
her teeth are clean and white
her skins so soft and shiny
her pussy's greesed up and it's tight

Her hair is long and curly red
her ass is big and round
when I am busy doing her
she never makes a sound
unless of course I pull her string
then she only has nice words to say
like do me harder big boy
she'll take it all night and all day

She stands about five foot ten
her eyes are bright and green
she has a perfect figure
the most beautiful woman I've seen
she's mine and I don't worry about
her running around on me
I just let the air out'a her skin
wash her off, and she'll wait for me

Under my bed in a little box
my true love waits for me
she's all I ever wanted
always there willing to be
anything at all I like
silent and well behaved
she cost me three hundred dollars
but now my life has been saved

So what if her skin is vinyl
late at night she keeps me warm
she's there to talk me down
and help me through any storm
she never wants to fight with me
always has kind words to say
sitting here writing about her
makes me want to bring her out to play...

and here's another one:

So, how about if I pick the story up from the time the local Police came...

The police came to the after hours club
they were looking for me and my friends
the old man who own the tavern
screamed don't ever come back here again
my hands were behind me in hand cuffs
my girlfriend was folded and put in a box
Barb and her plastic man were shackled together
with chains and a couple's pad locks

We sat there in a holding cell
for what seemed like a couple of hours
it was hot and I was sweating
I sure could'a used a shower
after fighting in that bar that night
and rolling around on the floor
one thing for sure I swear to you
I ain't going back there no more

Time passed and we were finally called
to get ready to be tried
the cop who un cuffed me warned me that
it'll go harder on me if I lied
he reminded me to tell the truth
it'd go better for me if I did
he told that loving a plastic doll
is something I should keep hid

I stood before the local magistrate
not guilty was my final plea
I fought with that man at the bar
because the doll belonged to me
when she drinks too much she falls apart
that's when the trouble began
the man that I was fighting with
picked up her snatch and then he ran

I tackled him near the bar
we rolled around on the floor
I tried to get the dolls snatch from him
but he said it didn't belong to me no more
I hit him with the bar stool
took back what belonged to me
and I am here your honor
to prove I am not guilty

The judge looked down from his bench at me
smiled then looked at the court
he said he think he understands
and that he is a good sport
he let me go with a small fine
gave my flat lifeless doll back to me
I went back home to be alone
that whole night is now history...

here's another:

My Blow Up Doll Came Alive
by Jim Nasium

She said she wants to know
what the fixation is all about
with these freaking blow up dolls
she's starting to have some doubt
about my mental condition
she thinks the subject lame
too bad she don't understand
that this is all a game

I DO NOT own a blow up doll
I'm only into the real thing
these poems about blow up dolls
are inspired when my muse sings
she gives me things to write about
that may seem strange to you
but I tell you it is all in fun
what's a guy to do

Perhaps you have a new subject
that we can write about
so why not share what's on your mind
leave me with no doubt
let me know you understand
that none of this is real
just because I write something down
don't meant that's the way I feel

I DO NOT own a blow up doll
I'd never use one anyway
I got no problem dating
so what more can I say
the poems are only written in fun
it gives me something to do
I hope this poem clears things up
a little bit for you

and finally this one:
The Vampire And The Blow Up Doll
by Jim Nasium

He went into the adult book store
a creature of the night
he was looking for something sweet
he could take home and bite
he walked past the man at the counter
saw her across the room
there something about her skin
that made the vampire swoon

In an instant he was next to her
took her by the hand
whispered something to her
she just couldn't understand
he bent over to kiss her hand
but bit her in the wrist
he must need glasses or something
the fact she's a doll he must'a missed

He took a bite and then let go
and air came out of her fast
before to long she deflated
the affair just couldn't last
something's are just not meant to be
no matter what we think we need
like a vampire and a blow up doll
blow up doll's just don't bleed...

©2001, 02, 03 & 04 Jim Nasium

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