There's Never Been Anyone Like Her
A Poem by Jim Nasium

There's never been any one like her
a woman that loved me for who I am
never wanted any thing from me
but love and to be my best friend
all the others before her used me
they all took as much as they could
but there's never been any one like her
she does every thing she should

She cooks me meals fit for a king
each meal a culinary delight
she bakes me pies and cakes and things
sets the table up just right
she grinds her own coffee beans
serves me fresh Colombian hot
she said that she would die for me
willing to give up everything she's got

Her finger tips are from heaven
when they dance across my back
and when it comes to getting down
there's not one thing she lacks
she's always doing things for me
all she wants in return
is for me to understand that
it's for me alone she burns

She's come and gone in and out of my life
for almost a dozen years
and during that time we had some fun
we had trials and shed some tears
but when all is said and done
the dust settled and it's plain to see
that after all we've been through
she is still a friend to me

There's never been any one like her
she's one of a kind I swear
when ever I think about her
I hold her memory dear
smarter than any woman I've ever known
she said I am her one true love
I can't be sure but I'm starting to think
she was sent from heaven above...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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