The Never Ending Ordeal
A Poem by Jim Nasium

It's kind'a like the Twilight Zone
this life I've been living recently
I've had test, test and more test
and there's more in the future for me
no one seems to want to cure me
there's no money in cures they say
the money is the treatment and test
and I'm going for test today...

It's like living in a nightmare
that never seems to end
and each and every day
the nightmare comes back again
there's not much I can do about it
expect try to go with the flow
it's time for me to get ready
and pretty soon I will have to go

This never ending ordeal I'm living
has been going on for more than a year
every one tells me to try to relax
but none of them share my fear
life's always been good to me
I don't want to leave life behind
but if the pain don't end pretty soon
death can come, I won't mind.

another day of testing
it's off to the clinic I go
I want to get this over with
the results are what I need to know
it's time I stop kidding my self
and let the cancer win
don't think I can take much more
I don't want to go through treatment again

the treatment is worst than the cancer
ask any one whose had chemo
you feel like you're dead yet still breathing
trust me folks I know
I can't go through all that again
not again right now anyway
I hear the grim reaper calling me
that's all I want to say...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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