The Family
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I've got a rather large family
most of them live in South Philly
I don't get to see them much any more
but they all keep in contact with me

it's always fun when we get together
like every year at Christmas time
some'a the stuff that goes on when we do
surly must be a crime

I recall holidays spent with my cousins
when we were all very cocky
after all we were young boys
running wild and care free

my father had four brothers
our name is known around town
his business has always been concrete
that is when he was around

I worked with my brother and our sons
every day out in the hot sun
but when you work for yourself
your work can be turned into fun

my cousins all have their own business
some of them make out real good
they always stay on the safe side
like they know they should

let me tell ya about cousin wee wee
he's as silly as can be
lives in a world of his own
he's stuck in the seventies

then there is my cousin Lil Dan
he's always on the go
but if ya want any thing at all
he's a good man to know

did I mention my cousin Joey
they call him Jungle Joe
if you're ever in South Philly
he's a real good guy to know

then there is my cousin Mary
we call her Miss Understood
she never listens to any one
never does what she should

my other cousin Lucy
is as wild as can be
she has a lot of names
but she's Miss Behave to me

don't let me forget my uncle Jocko
the one from my mothers side
he comes from a different family line
but he's got a lot of pride

his sister my aunt the school teacher
makes a fortune selling test answers
she'll never realize her dream
of becoming a show girl and dancer

her mother Carmela the baker
still runs a small corner shop
if you're ever looking for sweets
it's a very nice place to stop

don't let me forget my uncle Big Ralf
the one from my fathers side
he's always got something going on
and it's always on the slide

my aunt his first and only wife
is just as cute as can be
hanging out down on the corner
running numbers and selling weed

her son my cousin works in the deli
over near the butcher shop
he's forever trying to sell something
his pawning never stops

then there is cousin Frank-o
you could call him the black sheep
ya got to watch him all the time
he'll rob you when you sleep

he has to feed his habit
it's been almost forty years
he's caused us all a lot of grieve
caused his mother many tears

my other cousin Mikey
is always out on the street
he's got a Lincoln Town Car
and he always dress neat

his father my uncle Julio
owns a night club and a bar
they're both close to each other
so he don't have to walk too far

my favorite uncle Carmine
owns the bowling alley
he lets me eat there any time
I like his girl friend sally

Tony my fourth uncle on my daddies side
sits in the court house every day
he's the mayor of a small town
that's not too far away

his son my cousin Carl
runs the park authority
his men keep the grass in the town parks mowed
and looking just as good as can be

my cousin Janet moved to New York
and we all know what she does up there
but it doesn't seem to bother her
she don't seem to care

my mothers sister Julie
won the state lottery
she got three point seven million dollars
and gave some of it to me

My aunt Mary is the best cook
she does a real nice turkey
makes a special stuffing
she says it's just for me

My aunt RoseMarie the preacher
is always going to church
she gives me a lot of mass cards
and tells me my soul to search

I could go on forever
trying to explain to you
just how big my family is
but I've got other things to do

like get ready for Christmas
when I'll see my family again
every one will have a real good time
I can't wait until then...

if this years get together is like the others
it will last one night for three days
after all my family is Italian
we do every thing the old fashion ways...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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