My Last Thrill
A Poem by Jim Nasium

You're still a child
if that's how you feel
and as long as you do
the feeling is real
I'm a teenager
all full of energy
well at least in my mind
but no longer in my body

you're on an island
so very far away
and I hear it's beautiful
at least that's what they say
and I'm in the city
it's winter and getting cold
your story is beginning
my story's been told...

you're really a young lady
and I'm an old man
and as much as I want you
please try to understand
I'm not going to be here
as long as you will
so come for the night
and take off the chill

I may be an old man
but trust me not really
and you're a young lady
that much is so plain to see
why don't you come over
give me my last thrill
cause if the cancer don't get me
the medication surly will......

©2003 Jim Nasium

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