My Broken Heart
A Poem by Jim Nasium

it's raining here in Philly
the night is damp and cold
I'm sitting here alone again
another days story has been told
I got to do what I wanted to
even found time to draw and write
but now I got my med's on my mind
and ya know, I think I just might...

it's raining here in Philly
it's cold and foggy too
I want to go out so bad
but there's not much I can do
if I could only control time
I'd go back just a few years
and see a doctor every few months
to rid myself of my fears

I don't want fame or fortune
don't want a big house on a hill
I just want to get better
that would give me a thrill
I can't take too much more of this
the pain is tearing me apart
and it's tuff to keep you chin up
when ya got a broken heart......

©2003 Jim Nasium

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