More And More Each Day
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Once I had her
in the palm of my hand
she'd do anything
that I'd say
I must'a been mad
didn't know what I had
I let her slip right on away
and I miss her to this day

once I had open fields
with mountains and rivers
just the way that things
were meant to be
I was too young
and now them days are done
I let them slip away
and I miss them to this day

once I crossed oceans
a young man abroad
no one could ever
get in my way
I must'a been mad
thinking about it makes me sad
I some how let it slip away
and I miss youth to this day

once I had everything
including my health
I was in control
and did things my own way
but now I am sad
this old bodies going bad
I got let it slip away
I feel it more and more each day...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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