Melody The Spy 1& 2
A Poem by Jim Nasium

No one is supposed to know about her
after all she's a special agent spy
goes on vacations that are secrets missions
to find out the when, where, and why
by fate I was lucky to catch on to her
now I know why she's got that look in her eye
my sweet little friend was at it again
Melody The Spy

She's forever asking questions
when she's not in her laboratory
either in some private e mails
or a telephone call about me
she wants to know every thing
all the details of when where and why
she thinks I can't see through her
my friend Melody The Spy

She's so cute when away on vacation
or some where on an under cover stake out
playing stupid to collect information
she needs to know what every things about
rides her bike over a wood bridge near her home
it helps her feel good she said but I can't see why
she should find a better thing to do for excitement
my friend Melody The Spy

Melody The Spy Two
by Jim Nasium

She's a very busy lady
trying to run a house
she's got children a dog and a cat
and a man that is her spouse
she cook, cleans and does the shopping
works part time in her laboratory
but she's also and undercover agent
and now she's after me

She's always asking me questions
there's so much she wants to know
she likes to talk about anything
but mostly places I used to go
she said that she would meet me
we'd have fun for a day or two
but she's never come here yet
I don't know what to do

She's willing to make conversation
loves to talk about my over sized cock
she rides her bike over the wood bridge
near the river with the great big rock
she loves to tease me with her words
sometimes she comes into my dreams
but recently I found out she is a spy
and all of this is just one'a her schemes

She must work for a government agency
maybe even the DEA
she wants to know a little too much
what more is there to say
I never wanted it to be like this
but it is and I don't understand why
here I thought she was my friend
but she's also Melody The Spy too....

©2003 Jim Nasium

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