Don't Give Up: Two Poems
A Poem by Jim Nasium

A poem that a father wrote for his son, once upon a time, that will never get sent to him.... and a second poem along the same lines.

"Don't give up" they tell me
"everything's going to be ok"
I wonder how they'd feel
if they lived this ordeal day to day
and what if they've been fighting
with all the strength they had
yet there's no way of winning
now wouldn't they feel sad?

"Hang in there you're going to be ok"
I've heard it a thousand times
I'm tried of writing about it
with all these silly rhymes
I'm tired of almost every thing
I don't really want to go away
because when I go to that clinic
I got a feeling I am there to stay

"Keep on fighting the good fight"
and "The Lord is on your side"
can't you see I have been fighting
and that I've got a lot of pride
but no matter how hard I try
this time I'm not going to win
and I don't want to talk about it
but here I go again

"Don't give up" they tell me
"everything is going to be ok"
I wonder how they'd feel
if they lived this ordeal day to day
it's been a year and a half now
I've had more than I can take
one thing I feel in my heart
going to that clinic will be a mistake

"I don't know if you can beat this
there's nothing we can do for you"
is what my doctor told me
but he wants to try one last thing too
he's going to send me to a clinic
where they do research and development
to try some experimental drugs on me
since my time is just about all spent

Don't tell me you're sorry
there's nothing you can do
I'll go on the last great adventure
way ahead of you
I'll explore a whole new plane
a place not of this earth
in a way I'm kind'a happy
that I'll get to go there first

Just know that I'll be watching you
from way up in the sky
I don't want to catch you getting drunk
hanging out or getting high
some day when you are old like me
we'll meet up there in the sky
don't ask me why this happened to me son
honest to God I can't figure out why

I love you more than anything
still love your mother too
and every thing I own in this world
I am leaving it all to you
but you MUST carry on our name my boy
please have at least one son
and know that our time together
was special to me, and a lot of fun

"Don't give up" they tell me
"everything is going to be ok"
I wonder how they'd feel
if they lived this ordeal day to day
it's too bad I won't get to see you son
but know I love you very much
it's getting dark and cold in my world
and I can feel deaths touch

Don't Give Up: One More Chance

"Don't give up" they tell me
"everything is going to be ok
you still got one more chance
you'll get into that clinic some day
the drugs they give you will work
you'll come home happy and cancer free
just keep the faith" is what they say
but I wish they could be me

If they were me they'd understand
the way that I feel inside
they'd know how hard I've been fighting
and that I've tons of pride
I don't let the little things bother me
when I am in good health
but recently that's not the case
I've lost some girth and stealth

Stuck between a rock and a hard place
my back is against the wall
but know that never the less
I hold my head high and stand tall
gave it everything I had
but I just can't fight no more
I've been so lucky for so long
now fate wants to even the score

"Don't give up" they tell me
"you're going to get one more chance
and then when you come home
you're going to find romance"
yea maybe in some other life
but that ain't happening for me
I fear I won't come home from the clinic
but I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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