I Am Not The Man
A Poem by Jim Nasium

You've been writing to me forever
we have had a lot of fun
but now it's gone too far
this cyber affair has got to be done
how can you say you love me
when you don't know me at all
how can you know me by reading my poems
and seeing some'a the pictures I draw

You told me that you do know me
said I was the man of your dream
but time and time again I reminded you
things are not always as they seem
you know I'm sick and sinking fast
I haven't time for love affairs
yet you continue to write to me
I guess it's nice to know someone cares

The idea of you wanting to come here
to meet me is very exciting and sweet
the reason your man won't let you come
is he's afraid that you're going to cheat
he fears the slim possibility
that you may become weak
and fall for another mans charms
and turn into some sort of freak

It's so nice of you I got to say
to want to spend time here with me
but that's never going to happen
not as far as I can see
you're married and got children
plus you live so far away
and there are many other things
that are getting in our way

I think it's great that you want to
spend some time here with me
but lets take a good look at this
and speak about it honestly
how could I let you come to me
and spend a couple'a days
with out trying to get in your pants
at least a dozen ways?

It's nice of you to care about me
thank you for that and YOU
should know that I think it's wonderful
that you do want to come here too
but there's nothing for you here now'a days
because there's nothing for me here any morel
my time ain't long and every dawn
I thank god for another day, and all that's in store

You've been writing to me forever
you always got something to say
you speak about coming here
maybe some time soon some day
I think it's best if you stay there
and try to forget about me
after all I am not the man
that you think you see...

©2003 Jim Nasium

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