I Don't Do Erotica
A Poem by Jim Nasium

"Why don't you write some erotica" she said
"make it nice, but not too wild please
talk about the things you would do
the way you'd flirt with me and tease
tell me about you dark fantasies
share you wildest desires with me
and if it's something I make come true
you'll get a visit from me"

"I don't do erotica" I said
"I'd rater do it than sit and write
and trust me" I said, "if you were here
we be busy all through the night
I'd do you soft and gently first
make love the way you know I could
and then I'd have my way with you
exactly as I should"

"the time would go by quickly
it'd be dawn before you know
the one thing you would learn
I know exactly where it should go
when I finally get done with you
you'll be in a puddle of sweat poo and cum
I'll treat you like my lady and a whore
I may be silly but I'm not dumb"

"I don't do erotica"
I told her in a firm voice
"but after the conversation we had
I really have no choice
I gott'a write a poem for you
to tell you I know what you want me to say
but I need to make you understand
I'm serious, I don't like to play....

©2003 Jim Nasium

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