I Didn't Think We'd Stay Together That Long: Part 1&2
A Poem by Jim Nasium

WARNING: Adult Content
There's not much but there is a little adult stuff in this poem

I Didn't Think We'd Stay Together That Long
Part One: The Siren Song
Feeling all alone again
sitting at a table for two
in the far back corner
I had nothing better to do

Suddenly I saw her there
in a dim lit cheesy bar
she got up on stage to sing
dressed like a regular super star

She saw me looking at her
when our eyes met it was too late
with out a single word spoken
we both agreed to tempt fate

She sang her number perfectly
her voice is from heaven above
but all I heard was a siren song
I found myself falling in love

When the music ended
she came to sit with me
I was at a lost for words
but only momentarily

"I know you don't know me
but I had to come sit with you"
she said in a soft shy voice
"this is not the kind of thing I do"

"There's something in your eyes I saw
that I've been looking for all my life"
I thanked her for the complement
informed her I don't need or want a wife

I said "you look like a super star"
"and that my friend is a fact"
but she could see right through me
and my flirtatious old world tact

She looked so very good to me
"I want to be with you tonight" I said
and went on with out even thinking
"let me take you home, to bed"

"We don't know each other
but I'm safe and soon you'll see
I'm not like all them other guys
I'm different because I'm me"

She smiled and asked me to "get her coat"
called her driver to bring the car
I asked her where we were going
her reply was "not too far"

The lady at the coat check center
handed me a full length white mink
and a small over night bag
which made me start to think

What's this woman up to
the one who sang her siren song
and why an over night bag
I didn't think we'd stay together that long....

I Didn't Think We'd Stay Together That Long
Part Two: The Lucky One

The car was a stretch Limo
in fact a Lincoln Town Car
it had a CD player
a TV and a bar

Her driver wore a black suit
and a tiny little hat
dressed like a man but was a girl
what'a ya think about that

We drove towards the ocean
to a cozy beach front spot
by the time we got there
my new friend was really hot

Her hands were all over me
then the driver opened our door
climbed inside and grabbed my pride
now I know what we came her for

We started getting busy
right there in the car
when I rammed it up her ass
her lover said I've gone to far

Then asked me to do it to her too
the whole night was full'a fun
I guess one thing you can say about me is
I am the lucky one....

©2003 Jim Nasium

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