An Educated Idiot 1 & 2
A Poem by Jim Nasium

An Educated Idiot: I

She's an educated idiot
spent years and years in school
got degrees all over her wall
she lives by the golden rule
tries her best to always do right
which makes her easy prey
she believes every thing she sees
believes every thing she hears people say

She's been in school since nineteen- fifty-five
and still enjoys it as much today
she's forever taking another course
which leaves her little time to play
her head is loaded with fact and figures
dates, names and events
although she is very educated
she still has no common sense

She's a very pretty girl
and she knows how to dress just right
for a woman of her age
she's still real wet and tight
she tells me that she loves me
but I've heard it so many times before
never the less is always a mess
she cries when I walk out her door

She's an educated idiot
just can't differentiate
a little to organized for me
she's never ever late
she may have twenty five degrees
but she's no street smarts at all
she's still in pretty good shape
long curly hair and not too tall

An Educated Idiot: II

She's an educated idiot
no common sense at all
believes every thing she hears
believes every thing she ever saw
having no street smarts makes her easy
and it sad to say but true
so many have their way with her
when ever they want to

The repair man charges her too much
the druggist always makes her come back
she's mislead by believing everything
and I tell you that's a fact
she has no sense of direction
gets lost all the time
always seems to trust the wrong people
gets mixed up with low life slime

Her heart is pure as the driven snow
he intentions are always good
she only wants some one to love
could treat them like she should
she far to gullible for me
I've told her time and time again
but never the less she's good to me
and she'll always be my friend

An educated idiot
degrees all over her wall
slim and in pretty good shape
long curly hair and not too tall
like to get all dressed up
she wears sexy underwear
it's sad she has no common sense
but it's great to know she cares....

©2003 Jim Nasium

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