A Candle Light Snow Storm
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I loved the sound of the rain falling
on the tin roof of a bamboo home
way out in the jungle somewhere
where a guy could be left alone
after awhile it sounded like music
mother natures own siren song
I was only going to stay for awhile
but now I've gone so long

I'd drift off to the sound of the rain
beating hard on the tin roof of the hut
I'd dream of sunny days and open fields
was really stuck in a rut
the rain would sing to me
get up and go home young man
but I was just a little to blown away
to even want to try understand

the rain on the tin roof of the hut
I stayed in many years ago
talked to me very late at night
it told me things I needed to know
lost in a candle light snow storm
the rain would dance on the roof
as one with all of nature
I acted totally aloof

The dawn birds sang their song for me
the sun light was in the eastern sky
I'd been given one more day
but I didn't understand why
I felt lost as I spun in circles
sitting cross legged on the floor
the only thing I could think of
was to do a little more

the days go went by so quickly
the rain just wouldn't end
my nose was bleeding badly
but I did more then more again
the days turned into weeks
that turn in to months and years
I've many wonderful memories
of candle light snow storms with out fears....

©2003 Jim Nasium

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