The Rest Is History
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

He'd been in the studio all day creating
painting, drawing and writing things
he needed to get him self outside
his arms and legs needed to swing
he felt a little hungry
he thought he'd take a walk
to a little place round the corner
where folks meet and eat and talk

He didn't want to eat a lot
really only wanted something sweet
he thought that since he was out
he'd have a little treat
he went to the local cafe
and sat in his favorite booth
was time for him to take care
of his sweet tooth

The waitress came to his table
she said can I help you
she didn't look real happy
she looked a little blue
he told her that he would only like
something real sweet for a treat
he thought she was very pretty
and this old cafe really neat

She asked would you like pie or cake
he said he wasn't sure
she suggested that she read the menu
so he'd know what was in the store
she started reading slowly
so he'd wouldn't miss a choice
he listened to her carefully
and fell in love with her voice

She read though the entire list
one by one she read them all
he kept looking at her legs
they were great, she was thin and tall
she went on to read chocolate cake
apple sauce and pineapple upside down
cheese and marble and angle food
birthday cake shaped like a clown

Then she started the pies with apple
lemon merang, blueberry crumb and cheese
shoo fly pie and cherry
peach, and lime from the keys
there were so many choices
he wasn't sure which one would please
he just couldn't make his mind up
he was distracted by her knees

He took a look at he menu
the menu was a blur
he started feeling nervous
just by being near her
she could tell that he was lonely
and wanted to do her good
she knew him now by his first name
and she wondered if she should

He started sweating at the brow
it was clear he was excited too
he felt a little embarrassed
and didn't know what to do
he decided he wasn't hungry
and went back to his house
sat down and started creating again
alone and as quiet as a mouse

Later there was a knock on the door
was the waitress from down the street
she said she just got done her shift
and brought him a little treat
he knew she didn't mean pie or cake
what was on her mind was plain to see
he asked her in and locked the door
the rest is history
©2001 Jim Nasium

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