The Ice Princess And The Golden Fish
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

This short story poem is just a piece of fiction, about two people we will call The Ice Princess and The Golden Fish... I have no idea where the inspiration for this poem came from but one thing I tell you is that my muse has go to stop drinking so much coffee, she is so very over active any more

This Is Part One Of Two Parts

A heart breaker know as The Ice Princess
tried to catch The Golden Fish
she thought the fish was lucky
and would grant her any wish
but the fish was very slippery
and managed to swim away
every time she tried to catch him
each and every single day

The Ice Princess was very determent
she sat by the lake waiting patiently
she tried her best to catch the fish
but The Golden Fish wanted to stay free
so many have tried before her
but none of them have the fishes name
most all of them gave up frustrated
trying to catch the golden fish drove them all insane

The fish is very big and slippery
and strong as any fish there could be
his scales are made of pure gold
and he is in fact very lucky
so many women have come to the shores
of his personal crystal clear lake
and tried their best to catch him
but realized that they had made a mistake

The Ice Princess was a heart breaker
but this time it was her heart that broke
she thought that he was kidding her
but he wasn't telling her a joke
The Golden Fish told her he can't be caught
because he just wants to remain free
she felt her heart break in half
she wonders how can this be...

The Ice Princess claims to be an actress
but this time at curtain call
she wasn't able to face the crowd
she had no heart left at all
and so she turned and walked away
there was nothing else she could do
yes I am The Golden Fish
and The Ice Princess is of course you

You knew right from the very start
that to me this was all a game
and many before you have played it
most all of them ended up insane
they thought they had that special bait
the one thing The Golden Fish couldn't resist
but they forgot that the fish didn't want to be caught
the point he made they must have missed

The Ice Princess has a broken heart now
she can't break men's hearts any more
she had no idea how bad it hurts
and can't take the pain that's in store
so she goes to the lake from time to time
and hopes that the fish no longer wants to be free
she sits and waits for The Golden Fish
there is no other place she'd rather be

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This Is Part Two Of Two Parts
The Golden Fish Is Caught At Last

I was sleeping when you caught me
I let my guard down
you very carefully set the traps
using the best bait all around
I had no idea of what you would do
to catch me, The Golden Fish
but since I am now in your aquarium
I will have to grant you one wish

You look at me swimming in the waters
I know you want to take me in your hand
so maybe just once I'll let you catch me
but please try to understand
that I would only spray on you
I'd spray all over your face
so let me stay in the water
and don't look at me in my disgrace

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Don't pick me up to toy with me
just let me swim around
give me a little food each day
even if you go out of town
keep me where you can see me
tell me what do I care
because the one thing you don't know
is that I can be free, any where

One day someone will come along
to clean this aquarium out
and when they do I will show them
what my magic is all about
I will put a spell on them
make them take me back to my lake
know one thing Ice Princess
you have made a big mistake

The Golden Fish is caught for now
but he already has a plan
soon he'll be back in his own waters
and shores of pure white sand
you think you won the battle
but now we fight the war
I really wasn't ready for this
but it looks like you want more

this is like being on vacation
this aquarium has everything that I need
and I can swim and play with the toys
until my golden fins start to bleed
I don't mind that you watch me
cause I know it is only from a far
you know that if you picked me up
I'd spray you with my hot milky tar

This story is not over
in fact it has just begun
there is no fact or truth to it
I am writing this just in fun
so please do not take me too seriously
after all this is just poetry
and noting about my real life
nothing like this could ever happen to me...

©2000 Jim Nasium

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