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There Is Only One Way to Go
Only One Way To Go

The moon is full behind a cloud
it's the middle of the night
this is what I always wanted
but now it don't feel right
to sit alone and hear no sound
it's still and very dark
just then off in the distance
I hear a dog start to bark

The barking is a warning
they are getting close to me
and once they finally do get here
things won't be as they used to be
they toy with me and tease me
they know my life has changed
they seem to know all about me
but I don't even know their names

I know that they are not real
well at least they are not alive
they come to me as spirits
and teach me how to fly
high above the land below
out of body, a state of mind
I'll go with them where ever they lead
who knows what I will find

The wee hours are the best time
to sit alone and create
no one ever bothers me
when I stay up really late
creating art and poetry
for a later time to share
some can see the emotion in it
others don't seem to care

I can't seem to sleep anyhow
I toss and turn all night
I drift off in to a dreamlike state
and see a very bright light
it's off in the distance
so I take a mental walk
I understand what I need to do
there is no time left to talk

When they come for me
I go with out a fight
after all I haven't much else to do
in the middle of the night
they take me to a strange place
you would not understand
I live for the adventure
I'm just that kind of man

1999 Jim Nasium

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