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This GymPoem is one'a my newest
The story it tells is true

Now he knows how lucky he was [is]
after all the years of abuse to still be alive
Now he knows his friend was never as lucky as he was [is]
his friends heart exploded last night...
way too much in one shot!

Yes another one bites the dust from an OD
yes another long time buddy is dead
he was such a great guy too, but now he is gone

He had travled the world, lived for years in strange and exciting unexplored lands...
his habit started long ago one night
as he sat under the Colombian moon with the man
sipping warm beers on the beach
doing way to much of the powder
Colombia is most famous for
that was 27 long years ago now
he won’t be doing that no more...

He is dead now
his heart exploded last night
we all thought that he was over that
but he did it again, he did way too much
in one shot... what a site
his heart explode... inside of his shell
he wasn’t a good Christian
now he is burning’ in hell
the needle took another life
he was my friend...
so is his wife.

Now what do I do
to make her understand
that HIS will was done
this is all part of HIS plan
©1997 Jim Nasium

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