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PoeticGymArt by Jim Nasium

Early One Morning Late That Night

We walked hand in hand by the moonlight
Early in the morning, late that night
Little did we both know then
That there could never be an end
To what they have found
The rumor spreads 'round and 'round

Listen I hear the sound
Of a film crew, it's true
With cameras and spotlights, and xtras too
The scene starts off with moonlight in your face
The words that are spoken to you are a disgrace
If only they were in your place...
Then they'd understand why it's me, you chase

The gossip is flowing let them all go to hell as
Then the scene fades to a sleezy motel
Where for what they will do they will burn in hell
For, they know better they really do
It is silent there now, alone just the two

Well... just then cut to later that night
The two of them in bed bouncing
What'a site... 'twas pure sexual delight
This scene goes on for an hour or more
When just then there is a knock at the door
It was The Man from the corner
He now had some more...

Then slowly fade off...
Up towards the dimming moonlight
The two satisifed lovers, now feeling alright
Then pan in as two tired lovers walk home
Still together, yet still so alone
Early in the morning late one night
Some still talk, "it just wasn't right"
Off in the distance you can hear
This sound, very clear
Thats a wrap.. It turned out alright

1997 Jim Nasium

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