The Day I Broke My Own Heart
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

I don't see her all the time
after all we're now apart
the day I had to kick her out
was the day I broke my own heart
she's too far gone for me to save
she's going to loose her life
I had no choice, but to set her free
she's not the type to make a wife

I don't see her all the time
but every time that I do
she'll complain about being broke
it's the same old thing, nothing's new
she can make a lot of money
but she spends her money so fast
she's learned a lot of things in his life
but never how to make a dollar last

I don't see her all the time
I think it's better that way
but every time I do see her
she'll talk about going down the way
she goes there to relieve her pain
with a needle and a spoon
she looks like shit I'm telling you
she'll be dead pretty soon

I don't see her all the time
but sometimes when I do
she'll be all done up in a nice dress
with a business partner or two
then the next time that I see her
she's all dirty with that look in her eye
needing just to bathe and sleep
wanting only to die

I don't see her all the time
she lives on the other side of town
she's got a small apartment
the girl loves to go down
she'll loose every thing that she's got
if she don't stay away from smack
she's so deep in a pit right now
it don't look like she'll ever come back

I don't see her all the time
what we had once now is gone
she's enough to drive a guy crazy
and I'm just not that strong
I couldn't do a thing for her
she's stubborn as could be
I couldn't stand by and watch her
so I had to set her free
©2001 Jim Nasium

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