The Tiny Crimson Trail
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

Sometimes it's just one rejection too many
then an old jones claws at you inside
maybe it's the light of a full moon
or just your own foolish pride
a pocket full of money
or a phone call from a friend
ya never know what it'll be
that makes you want to use again

Every day is another battle
sometimes you may even win the war
you stand tall and tell your friends
you don't want to use any more
but there are times that you weaken
finding your self in the same old pit
out'a your mind you try to find
one good reason for doing it

You tell your self it's ok
there is no perfect man
you try to convince your self
that your loved ones will understand
when they see the tiny crimson trail
that's dry now on your arm
it's sad what you do to your self
you're the only one that causes you harm
©2001 Jim Nasium

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