Sisters And Cellos: In 3 Parts
A Poem by Jim Nasium


I met her at the art museum
it was many years ago
she asked did I come her often
I told her I didn't know
then went to flirt with her
explained what she did to me
I didn't know where I was
the game was easy to see

She had a cello with her
took it out and started to play
her siren song was amazing
I started to drift away
I don't know how long she played for me
but it was twilight when I opened my eyes
her twin sister joined us
much to my surprise

I guess I was twelve or thirteen
the day we first met there
and ever since that day
she and her sister have been here
they are my twin muses
they stay by my side
tickle me with inspiration
some times they are my guide


They play their cellos all the time
no matter where they go
when they're playing their siren song
their talent really shows
the trouble is they never stop
they don't see what I saw
they've become one with the cello
their body, soul and all

It's fun being with sisters
they meet me in the park
I sit and listen to them play
some times until after dark
we'll go get some food
maybe some wine to drink
go back to my apartment
to play, be together, and think

They seem to like my computer
they inspire me most when I sit here
alone at my desk quietly
content with out a care
the inspiration never stops
there's a party in my head
when they join me for some rest
there's a party in my bed


They are both lovely ladies
almost perfect to me
they love to play their cellos
it came to them naturally
I enjoy watching them play the cello
the way they wrap it between their thighs
a very un lady like position
you can hear the cellos cries

The sisters sit there together
they are my muse
they've been with me forever
I don't fight them what's the use
they love to have their way with me
especially late at night
they're the ones that inspire me
to sit here and draw or write

I met them at the museum
it was many years ago
they asked did I come her often
I told them I didn't know
they were the one who started flirting
inspired the artist in me
we've be togethere ever since
just the way it's supposed to be

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©2004 Jim Nasium

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