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The Bloomin Tree

That's me In A Tree

I feel as if I am in a tree
and there just ain't no place for me
each new limb I try to climb
ends up beiní to thin and I find
my self back where I started climbing
with no place to go but down...
that's down town... down to the jungle
and that is no place to be
I wanna be where I can be me
I need adventure, excitement...
fill my head with enlightment
makein' money to pay the rent
I still donít understand what allía them folks meant
when they told me this would happen to me
yes, now I am alone
stuck here in this tree

It's not that bad of a tree
This place fate has placed me
it's so beauitful, as you can see
and all that is here is here just for me
but this is NOT the way it should be
I know there are better trees for me
IF thats where I have to be, stuck in a tree...
then let it be... in the jungle
©1997 Jim Nasium

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