Before Something Else Goes Wrong
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

I wasn't sure I wanted to go with them
after all the rumors that I heard
but when they said tonight's the night
I went along with out saying a word
I didn't feel the need to ask
where it was that we would go
some how I felt everything was ok
so I went along with the flow

We climbed the narrow mountain trail
until we reached the very top
what I saw when I looked around
made my heart almost stop
they were already there waiting
the place was all a glow
every one was speaking in sounds
that I didn't know

One of them came towards us
my friends just looked at me
by now I was pretty sure
this was no place for me to be
the stranger looked into my eyes
and said with out a word
I'm taking your friends with me now
I know you understand what you just heard

I watched my three friends make their way
to center of a burning light
I never will forget a thing
about what I saw that night
I knew I shouldn't of come here
after all I do not belong
so I turned around and walked away
before something else went wrong
©2001 Jim Nasium

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