The Balloon Ride: Carry Me Away
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

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I see my solo shadow
on the ground below
exactly where I am going
I don't really know
I let the gentle wind take me
where ever it wants me to go
I feel so at one with the world
up here is like no other place I know

it's quiet and it's peaceful
and no one can see what I do
as I drift over your house
hoping to get a look at you
but I know you don't want to see me
so I'll let the wind take me away
maybe I will find love somewhere
with some one on some other day

this balloon ride is all that I needed
to forget you it's what I had to do
I know I have to do this
I can't stay here with out you
so as I let the cold wind
just carry me away
I only have a few more words
to you that I need to say

you could have been here with me
but you always want things you way
you worry too much about everything
that's why I had to go away
I just couldn't take your insanity
I needed some peace of mind
and up here floating in this balloon
that's exactly what I will find....

©2000 Jim Nasium
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