A Very Lucky Man
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

I went to the store earlier today
and what I saw when I got there
made my heart skip a beat
and so I thought that I'd share
a tale about a lady
who works in the check out lane
that's closest to the sliding door
near to where you can catch the train

I only needed a few things
I grabbed them all pretty fast
I knew where what I wanted was
I had been to this store in the past
but I never saw the lady
that I saw today when I went to pay
her beauty made me speechless
I couldn't think of one clever thing to say

I stood in line looking at her
holding on to my few things
two old ladies behind me were talking
about the way their pastor sings
on Sundays when they go to church
just then she caught my eye
I knew I had to take this chance
and so I gave it a try

She smiled and said can I help you
I said yes, then drew a blank
I couldn't think of a thing to say
my heart and chances sank
she knew what was on my mind
and what I would like to see
it was clear that I was excited
just from her looking at me

I tried again but couldn't speak to her
she laughed and just smiled at me
I knew she knew what I wanted to say
but I was over whelmed by her beauty
I felt so helpless and embarrassed
I thought I would be alright
and that by now she would have said yes
when I asked her out on a date some night

I guess she gets this all the time
because she seemed totally in control
she said that'll be fourteen ninety-eight
and would you like to take a stroll
I get done work pretty soon
and if you'll wait for me
we can take a walk to my place
relax and watch some TV

I stood there for a moment
until what she said had sunk in
I knew that I had to say something
and so I tired to speak to her again
a little grunt came from my mouth
she giggled and she smiled
I somehow lost the power of speech
and have now for awhile

I went to get my wallet
it fell right out of my hand
all the money and cards all fell out
this wasn't what I had planned
a man who stood behind the old ladies
told me to hurry up pay
I have never been as embarrassed
as I was today

I bent down to get my money
me and the old lady banged our heads
she was knocked back into the rack
that held the fresh rolls and breads
her friend jumped to get out of her way
as the bread fell to the floor
but tripped and knocked over the candy rack
I had a bump and my head was sore

the big man tried to catch the old lady
but slipped on some of the candy
a crowd had started to gather
every one in the store wanted to see
exactly what was going on
here in the check out line
they wondered if any one got hurt
but every one was fine

The store manager came running over
his assistant was by his side
he wanted to know what happened
tell me how could I hide
the mess I made in the line
there was bread and candy everywhere
he was glad that no one got hurt
I was sorry I ever came here

Just then the check out lady said
lets go my shift is done
it's time for time for me now
and I want to have some fun
she handed me my bag of things
we left together hand in hand
'twas another successful shopping trip
I'm a very lucky man
©2001 Jim Nasium

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