She Thought I Was A Very Good Boy
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

I came home from work late dirty and tired
I worked all day and wanted a bath and food
as I made my way to my front door
my neighbor called to me so not to be rude
I went to see what she wanted
standing there in a bathrobe with curlers in her hair
when I got a little closer to her
she shook her head and said it's just not fair
then went on to tell me about what happened
on our street today while I was at work
she said the whole thing was stupid
and the cop who showed up first was a jerk
there was no reason to shoot at any one
just because they tried to run away
but let me start at the beginning she said
let me tell you what happened today

I was sitting alone out in the sun
on my porch like I always do
a man in a nice suit walked up to me
and said let me introduce myself to you
my name is Reverend Godshall
I preach in the little stone church
I know you know which one I mean
it's on the corner of Main St. and Birch
I'm not here to collect money
I am actually on a search
I'm looking for new souls to save
we need new members for our church
tell me what church do you go to
would you consider coming to mine
we a very loving group of folks
and I think you'd fit in fine

He showed me a little picture book she said
of the church and some of the folk
then I asked him if he wanted something to drink
he said yes and asked for some'a my coke
he sat down in the other chair
pulled it a little closer to me
the rest of what happened on the porch today
is very sad, and it's now history
the preacher reached to take the coke from me
as he did it slipped from his hand
the whole glass of soda dropped on my lap
I wasn't sure if this was his plan
but when he got up and took his hankie
and tried to dry all the coke that was on me
he put his hands where they shouldn't have been
I though he was trying to molest me you see

I screamed out just as loud as I could
then the man who lives next door
came running out of his house to save me
and then just to even the score
he hit the reverend as hard as he could
and knocked him right through my front door
the preacher got up and grabbed a chair
hit the man, and knocked him to the floor
the lady across the street had called the police
the moment she heard me scream
the police arrived very quickly
with killer dogs and the swat team
the preacher and the man next door
were still fighting on the front porch
they knocked over my coffee table
and the fire that was in the bug torch

Flames dropped on my rug and started a fire
which quickly spread to the wooden chair
I knew that there was nothing I could do
so I ran away from there
the police with their dogs started charging
at the two men fighting on my porch
a cop hit one man with his billyclub
the other man hit the cop with the torch
another cop kicked the man
who had just been hit in the head
and knocked him motionless to the ground
I guess the reverend thought the man was dead
because the preacher turned and ran away
but the preacher didn't get too far
the cop who arrived first on the scene
shot at him while hiding behind his cop car

Then the dogs were released and started barking
they all ran to attack the preacher man
who had just been shoot three times
because he panicked and he ran
the ambulance finally arrived on the scene
but was just a little too late
it seems the dogs and the bullets
had sealed the preachers fate
a crowd had gathered in the street
even the national guard was there
both men were bleeding and dying
somehow it just don't seem fair
the police were drinking coffee and taking notes
eating doughnuts they had in a bag
I was so embarrassed in my bathrobe and curlers she said
I must have looked like a lazy old hag

They took the preacher to the hospital
they said that he would not survive
the man who had been hit in the head
was bleeding badly and barely alive
the cop that hit him with the billyclub
proudly walked right over to me
I was standing there with curlers in my hair
he felt no remorse it was plain to see
he asked me to tell him my name
then wanted to know if I was ok
he said if he sounded forward he was sorry
but he just had to see me again some day
he tried to take me by my hand
but I kicked him where it hurts
I can't believe he came on to me
then she asked why are men such flirts

The cop who just walked over to me
lay in a ball now on the ground
and all eyes in the crowd turned to me
not one person made a sound
the cop got up slowly and said that's ok
I am not going to take you in
I guess I deserved to be kicked
so tell me, can I see you again
I told him no because I'm married
after all what the hell did he think
why would I want to go out with him
his personality and approach really did stink
then the cop got up and walked away
the crowd broke up so I went in the house
the whole rest of the day went by uneventful
the street has been as quiet as a mouse

I couldn't believe what my neighbor was telling me
but I saw the burnt chair and blood on her porch
the rug was nothing but ashes now
burnt by the fire that was in the bug torch
she still had her hair in curlers
still hadn't had time to get dressed
she seemed pretty shook up to me
so I thought it best to confess
I told her that I sent the preacher
to her house to talk to her
I knew she didn't go to any church
and that the preacher was a kind sir
who could have helped her find The Lord
and some peace and an inner joy
she told me that she understood
and that she thought I was a very good boy
©2001 Jim Nasium

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