The Treasure Hunter
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

The mountains go on forever
peak after snow capped peak goes by
as we fly to our destination
through the Peruvian sky
high above the Andes
me and a few of my friends
we're all tired of flying now
and want the flight to end

the landing strip was cleared jungle
no big sticks or stones in the way
the dirt had been compacted
after all it was mostly clay
it hadn't rained for 3 days
so the ground was very dry
when the wheels of our small plane touched down
we were happy to be out of the sky

dust clouds appeared everywhere
from the plane that had just landed
the pilot said something to me
but I just didn't understand it
why would he say be careful
and warn me to watch my back
and what exactly was he hauling
in the back of the plane in that sack

a jeep pulled up next to us
the driver asked for me by name
every one seemed to know all about me
so I enjoyed my few minutes of fame
then made my way to the small house
that had been reserved just for me
got settled in then took a short walk
just to see what there was to see

the town was small and dirty
the buildings all made of wood
there were many bars and cafes
where people did what they could
to help to pass the time away
time moves so slow in Peru
we were miles away from the border
and there wasn't too much to do

I was here to try to hire some men
a few horses and llama too
I wanted to go to the ruins
that were on the north border of Peru
just this side of rio negro
in a valley where no one goes
they say there's a fortune in gold there
and I want to know

I am the Treasure Hunter
I travel to far away lands
I go to places and see things
that most people can't understand
sometimes I am very lucky
I'll find a trinket or two
there's a lot of treasure out there
in the jungles of Peru
©2001 Jim Nasium

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