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The Secret
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The Morning After
The First Snow: We Were
The First Snow: You Were
It's Been Nice Meeting You
One Day She Will Come
Missing You
A Few Of My Friends
The Full Moon Light
The Full Moon Bite
The Beauty Business
I'd Have it No Other Way
The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here
The Dream I Had About You

The Morning After

The morning after corn beef hash
for dinner at her place
I broke out with a rash
all over my body and face
I feel a little sick inside
I'm a little dizzy too
I got the runs so freaking bad
I don't know what to do

The morning after corn beef hash
and spending the night in her bed
I broke out with a very bad rash
all over my body and head
her cooking and hygiene were very bad
I wonder what she fed to me
I feel so sick and very sad
cause now it burns when I pee

The morning after corn beef hash
she called me on the phone
then offered me some cash
she didn't want to be alone
she said she didn't want it for free
then she called me The Man
if she could see what had happed to me
I'm sure she would understand

The morning after corn beef hash
I won't be going back there
I think she gave me this rash
but what it is isn't very clear
I feel real sick to my stomach
it burns a lot when I pee
what the hell did she do to my dick
what the hell did she feed me

The morning after corn beef hash
I sit her and wonder why
each new affair goes in the trash
why do I keep giving love another try
there's so much more I'd like to write
but I really do gott'a go
ever since I ate corn beef hash last night
I've been on the toilet if you really want to know
2000 Jim Nasium

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The Secret

She asked me not to mention her name
she didn't want anyone to know
when she told me her name it was a secret and that's just the way things go

I think she works for the government
or maybe she is a spy
she don't want any one to know her name
I can't be sure why

when we go out in public
she always wears a hat
she has to have sunglasses on
what do you think about that

she never wants to talk to me
about the days of her youth
I know I'm not supposed to say her name
but I love the sound of Ruth

she is so very beautiful
a model she must be
I still don't understand exactly
what she sees in me

all I know is she's my friend
she gives me rare coffee
amongst the things she has given
a secret she also gave to me
2001 Jim Nasium

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The Dream I Had About You

looking through a box of old photos
days gone by me now
I recall every detail
of each event somehow
the memories are still fresh in my heart
and they all make me smile
then I saw a picture of you
I just looked at it for awhile

silently sitting on the floor
looking up at my window
the sun light coming in was so bright
I was blinded and started to go
off into a dream like state
then I saw you walk in the room
you were my whole future
and of course that was my doom

I see you very clearly
you were dancing on thin air
you're completely naked
but you don't seem to care
you told me that you missed me
and said I still love you
I was so confused by what I saw
I just didn't know what to do

I remember calling out your name
and begging you to stay
I remember when this started
it was the middle of the day
I must have drifted off to sleep
because when I woke up it was dawn
I was laying alone in my bed
you and all the photos were gone
2001 Jim Nasium

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The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here

lately I have too much time on my hands
I just don't understand
why I have been blessed like this
bit I know it's all part of His plan
so I'm learning to go with the flow
and I'm making good use of my time
by sitting around drawing all day
building web pages and writing rhyme
2001 Jim Nasium

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It's Been Nice Meeting You

It's Been Nice Meeting You She said she never did anything
like this ever before
and that she didn't want me to think
that she was a slut, or a whore
but it's just that she needed the money
and there not much else she could do
she was about to get kicked out of her place
since her boy friend left and they are through

She stood there right on the corner
of the sleaziest part of town
it's a place that I go to from time to time
when I want to just fool around
I look for the perfect lady
that I can use for one night
when I saw her standing there
I knew that something wasn't right

She told me that she was a teacher
but gave up her career to raise a kid
and that she lost everything she worked for
when her boyfriend did what he did
her x lover left her for another
he said he wanted no kids in his life
and that he didn't love her enough anyhow
to ever make her his wife

She stood there and she was willing
to do anything I asked her to do at all
all she wanted was some money from me
she was acting and I knew what I saw
I saw a woman who was lost and afraid
she had no one she could turn to
I had no choice so I gave her some money
and told her there was nothing I wanted her to do

She asked if she could see me again
and the next time it would be for free
but then I thought of all her problems
and decided it best for me
to stay clear of her and all the bullshit
that's going down in her life
I know she's looking for a father for her child
a man to make her his wife

She smiled and it warmed my heart
I told her that it would be ok
if we got together sometime
but I wasn't sure of what day
I would be free to see her
it's not often that I am free
I knew right from the moment
that she really wanted me

She asked me back to her place
I told her no thank you
I explained that I was only down here
cause I had some things I had to do
so she gave me her phone number
told me to call her any time I wanted to
she said I was some one special
I said it's been nice meeting you...
2001 Jim Nasium

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The First Snow: You Were

You were bundled up in coverall's
had my fishing boots on too
said ya wanted to go outside to play
but that you wanted me to come with you
I never saw you get so excited
as you did the first time we had snow
the first year that we lived together
tell where does all the time go

You wanted to build a snow man
but you said you needed my help
I was working on my computer
drinking tea made of ginseng and kelp
but I stopped what I was doing
just to spend time and play with you
how I miss the days gone by
with out you I don't know what to do

The first snow of the year has come ten times
since that day I came home to find you gone
and I don't know where you went
I still don't know why you're gone
the first snow of every winter
always reminds me of you
and the way you liked to keep me busy
and yes, I miss you too

You were like no one I have ever met
you were so full of life
you never wanted much more from me
than to just be my wife
but me I had no time for that
I was always too damn busy
and now I sit look out my window
as the first snow of the year falls just for me
2001 Jim Nasium

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I see her on the sea wall
the breeze blows through her hair
I know her name is Athena
but she don't even know I'm here
I see here on the sandy shore
during sunset and then again at dawn
I turn to look away for a moment
then my vision of Athena is gone

Her family owns a little gift shop
inside of a nice Greek cafe
she works there as a waitress
I see her almost every day
as I walk by on my way to work
but she never notices me at all
I try to get her attention every day
in the spring, summer, winter and fall

Athena's a vision of pure beauty
she's all the things a woman could be
she can't weight more than 109
and stands eye to eye next to me
her hair is long and curly
it's healthy and bright golden red
I try to start a conversation with her
but she never hears a word I said

Why is it that I'm invisible to her
tell why can no one else see
this woman I call Athena
is she an illusion just for me
perhaps she is a spirit
some sort of wayward ghost
looking for love and life again
searching for the right body host

Athena is there I can see her
but she won't speak to me
I don't think she can hear my voice
tell me why does it have to be
this way for me every time
I find someone I could love
I wonder if Athena is an angel
sent to toy with me from heaven above
2001 Jim Nasium

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One Day She Will Come

I was driving around town in my dump truck
I didn't have anything else to do
I was feeling sad and down on my luck
sometimes I still do miss you
but you're not the woman of my dreams
you know that you could never be
I know that she's out there some where
and one day she will come to me

I turned the corner on a green light
and I couldn't believe what I saw
some one had driven their brand new car
right into a brick wall
I stopped my truck and walked over
to ask the driver if they were ok
a female voice answered me
I couldn't hear what she was trying to say

A crowd had now gathered around the car
some one said better call a cop
I tried to get closer to hear her
just then she put down the top
of her new convertible sports car
and I was very shocked to see
a lovely red haired woman
smiling and looking over at me

She said hey you can ya come over here
and help me out'a this seat
the belt won't come undone
and I can't take much more of this heat
the air bags got me pinned in
I wonder do you have a knife
I was cover from head to toe with goose bumps
now that this woman had come into my life

I rammed the antenna of my cell phone
deep into that big air bag
then reached down to undo her seat belt
the air bag had now sagged
I opened the door and took her hand
just to help her to her feet
I was glad to see she was ok
she was looking pretty sweet

She asked me if I could help her
that she's no good with out a man
she never learnt the fine art of
taking the upper hand
and so I told the crowd to back up
and to get the fuck out'a the way
I took her over to my dump truck
I knew this was my lucky day

by now the police arrived on the scene
more people and a fire engine too
the cop asked me who I thought I was
and what the hell was I trying to do
she said he is my husband
we'll be married in just one day
we need a little time together right now
could we please just be on our way

the cop looked over at the fireman
the fireman looked at me
she was sitting there smiling
just as pretty as she could be
the tow truck driver who had just pulled up
only had one thing he wanted to know
he wondered who was going to pay him
if he did decided to tow

I asked her to tell me her first name
she said ok gladly
but first you gott'a get me out'a here
the accident was just too much for me
can you take me to the emergency room
I want the doctor to check me out
we got in the truck and drove off
I had no idea what this was all about

She didn't look like she was hurt at all
as she sat next to me in my truck
I felt something tingle inside of me
it looks like I might be in luck
then she said she had a dream
just last night about a man
who would come into her life
I told her it's ok, I understand

I knew this day was coming
and it has come to me at last
everything that just happened
went down pretty fast
but it seems I have finally met her
the woman I've been dreaming of
she said she really liked me
I think she's a gift from above

I stayed with her for hours
until all the paper work was done
the tow truck driver finally was paid
she said lets go have some fun
I'm sad because I wrecked my car
I just got it yesterday
I guess I'll get a new car now
that one was too fast any way

She totaled her new BMW
and all she could think of to say
was to ask me what am I doing
and would I like to spend the day
just running her all around town
she had so much to do
I looked at her and said ok
lets go get my car, it'll be easier on you

I parked my truck out back'a my house
and went into my garage
I started up my Lincoln
what I saw next was not a mirage
she was naked leaning over the front fender
her dress was on the floor
she said she wanted me badly
I wanted her even more

I took her like she wanted me to
and then when we were done
we did all the errands she had to do
being with her was a lot of fun
later we had nice dinner
and then we got a room
I died that night in her arms
many times by the light of the moon

When I woke in the morning
she was already gone
the room was full of a reddish light
from the sun because it was dawn
I was all alone again
I never even got her name
I came so close to finding my dream
the search is driving me insane

I was driving around town in my dump truck
I didn't have anything better to do
I was feeling sad and down on my luck
sometimes I wonder what happened to you
you're not the woman of my dreams
you know that you could never be
I know that she's out there some where
and one day she will come to me
2000 Jim Nasium

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Missing You

bare walls now where photos once hung
outlines of paintings, that once covered cracks in the wall
curtainless windows let in too much light, none of your things remain
this place will never be the same with out you

one coffee cup sits dirty in the ktchen sink
one messy plate from mornings meal on the table
the trash can's not as full as it used to be
no one can tell me it'll be ok

your perfume no longer floats in the air
none of your girls things hang over the shower curtain rod
no lip stick or make up laying on the bathroom sink
it's clear now that you are really gone

the silence I sit in is new to this place
a place that we once called our home
a home that's just a house now
where one man lives in the past, missing you
2000 Jim Nasium

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The Full Moon Bite

Can I bite you
by the full moon light
will you quench my thrist
late one magical night
will you allow me
to satistify the need
can I bite you
I need to feed

Will you allow me
through your chamber door
what'a the chances
that you'd give me more
of the thing I need to live
please let me have my way
tell me can I bite you
late one night some day
2001 Jim Nasium

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No New Poetry

I don't have anything new to write about
not much happens here anyway
so I guess I won't be writing
or sending out a new poem today
from time to time even my muse
gets exhausted and must take a rest
she has grown very tired
of always trying to do her best

I don't have anything new to write
not much happens here any how
so I guess I'll just sit here and wait
for my muse to rest up but for now
I felt the need to tell you all
that I think I am out of rhyme
my muse has taken a vacation
I don't know what to do with my time

I don't have anything new to write
not much new to talk about
but soon my muse will be back
I know her and there's no doubt
that then she will inspire me
the way she used to do
but until that day comes
I haven't any new poetry for you
2001 Jim Nasium

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Now That I Have Changed My Ways

Walking the beach at sunset
I saw her standing there
she had taken off all of her clothes
even her underwear
she stood by the waters edge and
she cried out to the setting sun
"how could you go and leave me
now another day of my life is done"
as she spoke these words to
the sun that now was gone
I knew I had to talk to her
but didn't want to approach her wrong
so when the last flicker of red that
had once brightened up the sky
disappeared I called to her
when she turned, I saw a tear in her eye
I asked what was wrong and if
there was anything I could do
she said just sit and talk to me
so I did, till half past two
then she asked me to tell her m
y name and said she liked me a lot
she asked what I was doing here
I told her that I forgot
and that nothing matters anymore
to me, since I met her
then I woke to the rising sun
and every thing was a blur
was this all a dream I had
I dream a lot these days
it's just the way that I spend time
now that I have changed my ways
2000 Jim Nasium

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A Few Of My Friends

Catherine is a Chinese woman I know
her feet and hands are tiny
she has so much love in her heart
she just loves to wait on me
she'll bathe me when I go there
she sucks me till I almost explode
then she'll allow me my way with her
as I get into my dog mode
she has shown me many special tricks
Karma Sutra I think she said
she is such a lovely friend
I like playing in her bed

Lucy is another friend
she don't live too far away
and sometime very late at night
she calls, and invites me to play
the games that lovers often play
when they're behind a locked door
then she'll ask me for money
yes Lucy is a whore
but I go to her away
she's just as clean as can be
I let her do what ever she wants to
cause sometime I get it for free

Sally is a real lady
her persona is very high class
she's a big city business woman
a very clever lass
late at night every once in awhile
she wants to let her hair down
so she'll get some wine and call me up
then invites me to stop around
I love to watch her open up
she's so pleasant when out of her shell
every one thinks she's so damn straight
but I know her very well

Then there is Amanda
her hair's as blond as can be
it's even blond down around
that special place where she pees
she likes it when I tie her up
and smack her on her ass
the lady is very beautiful
and she has a lot of class
she always wear stockings and garters
and spiked heels just for me
Amanda is another friend of mine
that makes me very happy

Of course there is my favorite
her name I can not speak
cause if I do when she reads this
I won't be allowed there for a week
I really do like to go there
she treats me like a King
when ever I do think about her
my sad broken heart will sing
about the day and nights we spent
tangled up in a lovers knot
I can't tell you why I won't say her name
but it's not that I have forgot

Most nights I dream of another
who lives so far away
one I used to call my own
but that was all yesterday
I still recall the way that she
would moan and call out my name
the memory of the one I dream about
is driving me insane
it keeps me from my bed at night
it's no wonder I never sleep
when memories of the one I miss
into my dreams still creep
2001 Jim Nasium

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The First Snow: We Were

We were sitting in front of the fire place
looking out the window watching the first snow fall
we were happy to be warm and inside
watching the red yellow flames grow tall
each time we put more wood on the fire
then you broke the silence when you decided to say
why don't we get all bundled up
and go out in the snow to play
We put on three or four sweaters

some coveralls, a coat and all that
we were so very bundled up
with a scarf, gloves and a hat
we went out side and started to play
the way that children would do
I never had so much fun
as that day in the snow with you

We built ourselves a giant snow man
then gave him a carrot for a nose
there was no extra scarf to use on him
so we use some'a your old pantyhose
you gave him some stones for buttons
I gave him an old walking stick
it had been snowing now for hours
and the snow fall was getting thick

We went back in the house and undressed
then took a nice long hot bubble bath
made some tea and went back to the fire place
looked out the window but now the path
I had just cleared was already covered
with fresh white fallen snow
we didn't mind getting snowed in at all
there was no place we had to go

We were sitting in front of the fire
together watching the first snow slowly fall
we were happy to be warm and inside
watching the red yellow flames grow tall
each time we put more wood on the fire
the hours passed us by so fast
it's special times with you like this
that I wish could forever last...
2001 Jim Nasium

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I'd Have it No Other Way

When I finally did fall in love, I wept
there would be no more hearts to conquer
the only heart I would ever need was mine now
and my heart would be hers forever
time would be spent together willingly
things we have in common well known
happy to just be alive and together
not concerned about the chances we've blown

time passes quickly when two hearts beat as one
you grow old before you know it happened
you look back at all you wanted to do
the regrets mix well with the fond memories
fate plays games with each of us
one day fate played a game with you
now I sit awake in the middle of the night
trying to figure out what to do

I never thought I would loose you
we planned to pass on in each others arms
we dreamt of being in love at ninety
very alert, active and strong
but now you're gone on ahead of me
I sit here and waste away the day
I pray that I can join you soon
I'd have it no other way
2001 Jim Nasium

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The Full Moon Light

moon light bright to guide us
as we walk the same old path
it's thime the locals in town
feel the might of our wrath
for far too long we had to hide away
we fought hard to surrive
by drinking blood from animals
it hurt to swallow our pride

the time has come to stand firm
for who and what we are
I tell you that our time has come
spread the word near and far
we're coming back in full force
we need to claim what's ours
we are the childen of the night
you'll see us with the moon and stars

so what if blood is all we need
to help us to surive
it's not our fault that we're this way
and we do need to stay alive
so when you see us coming
please do not run away
just think of it as helping someone
give in, and I'll be on my way
2001 Jim Nasium

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The Beauty Business

a young lady called me on the phone
it was just the other day
she wanted to know if I had anything
to take her scars away
she said her legs looked a mess
she kept falling off of her bike
I told her to throw the bike away
and next time to take a hike

a lady said I want to have
the same kind of skin like you
she was a bit older than me
I remained polite, I didn't know what to do
I told her life goes its own way
not everyone can look good
then I sold her everything she wanted
exactly like I should

after all I am in business
I work 18 hours a day
things have been very hectic
since my office boy went away
sometimes it's all to much for me
but I always find the time to be polite
when ever old ladies want my help
because they look a fright

I am in the beauty business
glamour is my game
every where I go now'a days
people all know my name
I sell the best beauty products
and offer some support
I'm always fair and polite
I try to be a good sport
2001 Jim Nasium

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