The Lesson
New Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

He sits at home choking the chicken
there's nothing else he wants to do
he finds it easy to just stay home
feeling all sad and blue
he won't get off his lazy ass
he just wastes each of his days
hiding away in his studio room
lost in a self educed haze

Time passes him by but he don't care
he's done all that he wants to do
as far as he's concern
when you left him his life was through
ever since the day you ran away
he hasn't been the same
he stays alone inside his house
unconcerned with life, fortune or fame

No one knows him better than I do
after all we grew up on the same street
and once not too long ago
every thing in his life was so sweet
but now'a days when I go to see him
he don't even look the same
the things that he'll use to forget about you
are slowly driving him insane

He sits at home choking the chicken
there's nothing else he wants to do
he enjoys time alone nodding away
dreaming of days spent with you
his health at best is failing
his state of mind cause for concern
all because you walked out of his life
there's a lesson here for you all to learn

If your lover walks out of you life
just remember this one thing to be true
when ever one door closes
another door will open for you
but only if you go and find it
you can't spend your days all alone
sitting in a pool of sweat and self pity
getting drunk and nodding in your home

There are so many fish in the sea
why stay with just one anyhow
get up off you ass and go out
stop feeling sorry for your self right now
she left, she's gone, so what
there's a million more ladies out there
I try to tell him again and again
but he don't seem to care

The lesson I am trying to teach him
don't mean a thing to him at all
he's deep in a pit of self destruction
but perhaps you'll see the writing on the wall
and get over it if your lover left
after all there's another out there for you
if you just go out and find him or her
it's really the best that you can do...
©2001 Jim Nasium

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©2000 Jim Nasium
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