The Gates: I Would Never Sin Again
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Gates were closed in front of me
they would not let me in
something about the things I have done
living a life full of sin
I saw some others standing near by
they hung their heads in shame
they didn't care to look at me
none of them wanted to know my name

I thought I had been forgiven
but it seems that I was wrong
I never should have strayed away
I fell victim to the siren song
of life lived in the fast lane
getting all the cheap thrills that I could
now I have to pay for all that
I should have known that I would

I begged them please let me in
they turned and walked away
I stood there in disbelief
I'll never forget the day
my time in this lake of fire
started and now it'll never end
if only I could have one more chance
I would never sin again
©2001 Jim Nasium

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