The Dream: They Were All There
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

the house was very quiet
I was working in my studio alone
I had the front door locked up tight
and turned off my telephone
I knew that no one else was here
but suddenly I was no longer alone
all of my dead relatives
decided to visit me here at home

my grand pop sat in the big chair
grand mom was on his knee
next to them was aunt Mary
she was always so kind to me
my other aunt the tiny one
on my fathers side
sat way over in the corner
she always did like to hide

my cousin Dan, he was the man
till a bullet got in his way
I never will forget what happened
that was a very sad day
and my other cousin the stupid one
who never did what he was told
was there with all my dead relatives
he hadn't grown one more day old

my uncle Joe with the big cigar
my uncle Paulie and uncle Julio too
they were all sitting round the table
talking about what ever was new
they were glad to see me doing well
but they all wanted a share
I couldn't believe what going on
how in the world did they get back here

my father stood right next to me
said son you know what to do
since you're the head of this family now
we're all leaving it up to you
take pride in what we all worked for
and make it work for your son
remember as long as you love your work
you will always have time for fun

my uncle on my mothers side
started talking about things in the past
every one started drinking my wine
the time went by real fast
the sun came up about half past four
before I knew it they were gone
they vanished in the morning light
I stood there and watched the dawn

not knowing exactly what had happened
I made my way up to my bed
I was very tired and needed sleep
I had so much going on in my head
when I woke it was only half past two
the whole thing was only a dream
but I sit here now and I wonder
what ever could that dream mean
©2001 Jim Nasium

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