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A Tear Falls

A tear forms in my eye
and it rolls down my cheek
and it falls on to my desk top
and I can hear the sound it makes
and it is silent here
and then another rolls down my cheek
and it joins the first on my desk
and then another... and another...
and then the other eye joins in
and releases the water of pain
and the tears are flowing now
and there is a small puddle on my desktop
and the puddle turns into a pond
and the pond turns into a lake
and from the lake flows a river of tears
and the river causes a waterfall to flow from my desk
and the water of pain falls on to my floor
and then these salty tears collect
and a puddle is forming
and the puddle turns into a pond
and the pond turns into a lake
and now my feet are wet
and then my ankles
and then my knees
and the water of pain has reached my chest
and as it slowly climbs towards my neck
and as I gasp for breath... I think of my life
and i think of what i have done
and I never wanted to get that close to anyone
and we should have stayed just friends
and I see a bright light at the end of a long tunnel
and as I take my last breath...
and my eyes close...
I think about you...

1997 Jim Nasium

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