I Should Have Known Better
New Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

She likes to live off the system
she plays every game that's in town
always finding new ways to get free money
she's got the welfare system down
it's just a science to her really
the way she gets all this free stuff
but sooner or later her luck will run out
and then her life will be rough

I warned her about the game she played
when she first started so many years ago
I watched her move to federal housing
as she milked the system real slow
I saw her live a good life
when she did no work for it at all
I knew that this day would come
the day she finally took a fall

She called me up and begged me
to help her out of her jam
she knows I have a soft heart
yes she knows who I really am
"they're going to turn my electricity off
and the food stamps are now all gone"
she sounded so very helpless
I fell victim to her siren song

Of course I sent her the money
she said she needed to be free
of all her bill collectors
after all once she was special to me
she gave me a very healthy son
about fifteen years ago
I was happy to be able to help her
after all, it was right, ya know

Something told me to call her father
so he and I had a long talk
he told me that "she is a master"
and that she "took me for a walk"
her bills have been paid long ago
she owes no one anything at all
she used me to get extra money
I was feeling hurt, and rather small

I told her father to do me a favor
and not to tell her about my call
he agreed it was best if she didn't know
then he asked me to nail her to the wall
I told him that in time I'd get even
for what she just did to me
I should have known better than to trust her
just from our personal history
©2001 Jim Nasium

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