San Agustin: Alto De Los Idolos
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

zig zaged narrow dirt trails
cut through tall mountain sides
where rivers that flow south of here
to the amazon river are created
mountain sides that were farmed once
by a pround and strong tribe
the stone terraces are still in place
reminders of the others who have been here

the air is too thin up here to not chew
green leaves that the indians offer
they know this land and are used to this elevation
to me it's a little too much
I just need to sit and rest
perhaps drink some purfied wated
catch my breath and take this all in
the place I am at is sacred

here at Alto de Los Idols park
I see many large stone monoliths
males, and females with children
are they gods or space visitors
perhaps only some stone artists work
perhaps a dali, or a piscasso of that time
will I ever know the truth of these stones
I am so very high, in the mountains

San Agustin is below in the valley
a place I wish I could fly back to
I know this place is not for me
I do not belong on sacred ground
I mean no harm to any thing
but others who have been here
found no reason to respect
things they do not understand
©2001 Jim Nasium

monoliths at Alto de Los Idolos sign my guestbook pleasemonoliths at Alto de Los Idolos

sign my guestbook pleasesign my guestbook pleasemonoliths at Alto de Los Idolos
Photo Credits "Head" Johnson 1973

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